Winter Staging is still a Must for Ultimate Curb Appeal

When selling your house, it’s a great idea to stage not only the inside, but the outside too. First impressions can make or break the sale of your house. Here’s how to make your front entrance attractive to potential buyers.

Nothing is quite so inviting on a front porch than an urn of fresh greenery around the holiday season. It can evoke feelings of calm and contentment. And these feelings are what will help to sell your home. Purchase a large urn (or re-use one from summer) and fill it with soil. Fill with fresh greenery, including pine, cedar and spruce boughs. Make sure the pine cascades a little around the sides of the urn, to give it a “full” look. Water once, and if the temperatures are freezing, there’s no need to continue watering, provided the temperatures stay low. You can also add other natural materials, such as birch tree pieces, dogwood branches, juniper sprigs and magnolia leaves. You can personalize your winter urn by adding accents such as coloured balls and ribbon bows. These urns look beautiful not only during the holiday season, but throughout the cold winter months to follow.

Lights are popular at this time of year. But now is not the time to put on a light show to rival Las Vegas! A few tasteful, coordinated strands are best. If you’re not comfortable on a ladder, there are several other lighting options available. One popular one this year is the kaleidoscope spotlights. They come in a variety of colours and patterns. And the big advantage to these lights are the ease of installation; just stick the stake it’s attached to into the ground, point it where you want the display to be, and plug it in! Just make sure you always use lights and extension cords that are rated for outdoor use.

Inclement weather is always a concern around the holidays. Ensure you have plenty of sand or salt spread on your driveway, walkways, stairs etc., to avoid slips and falls. Keep your walkways and decks shoveled. If icicles are hanging off your roof, be sure and knock them down so one doesn’t fall on somebody. Also, icicles can be a sign that your home is inadequately insulated, and that will not impress prospective buyers.