7 Things to Do Before You Move Long-Distance

Moving can be an exciting yet stressful adventure, especially when you are moving long distances. There is a lot of hard work that goes into packing up your life and relocating, but with the right preparation, the process will go much smoother. Augusta Movers has created an easy-to-follow list of the top seven things you should do ahead of your move. Not only will our list help you make your project more manageable, but it will also keep you on track.

Make a Document List or Folder

Use Google Drive or a spreadsheet to make a moving folder. In this folder, you should place all of your important documents relating to your move. This can include things like this list, quotes from moving or cleaning companies, receipts, and other important information.

Use Your Calendar

On your calendar set a date for your move. Having a date in front of you will help give you a visual reminder of how much time you have left to get your affairs in order. Starting with your moving date, work backward, and set up a firm timeline to complete each part of your moving project. Some parts of a long-distance move will take longer than others, while certain aspects should be left until the very end, such as disconnecting the electricity.

Take Inventory

Make a list of all of the items you plan to take with you before you move. In fact, you should do it before you start packing. Make a private list that identifies which packed boxes have which items which will help when you unpack in your new home. Make sure that you secure the right amount of moving insurance ahead of your actual move date.

Meet With Your Friends & Family

Before you move you should make time for your local friends and family. Go visit them while you are still in town or even host a simple dinner or party. There are some people that you may not see for a while or ever again, depending on how far away you plan to move. Take pictures and capture these last memories before you move to avoid regrets.

Sell or Donate Unused Items

Moving over a long distance can be a costly affair so you should pack items that you really plan to use in your new home. Things that you can purchase affordably in your new location should be left behind to help make your move easier and more affordable. Items that you plan to leave behind you can sell in a garage or yard sale. For items that don’t sell, consider donating them to charity.

Collect Important Documents

Important documents such as transcripts from your kid’s school or medical records from local doctors are essential. Collect these at least two to three weeks ahead of your move to prevent issues later down the line. The same goes for any important legal or financial documents you may need. This can include passports, birth certificates, and other records you may need.

Moving Materials

Some packing materials, such as specialized boxes or those needed for delicate items, can be purchased. Instead of spending a pretty penny on basic boxes, you can collect them for free from local stores. Many stores have stacks of unwanted boxes. Using those for your relocation will help the environment and your wallet.

How Augusta Movers Can Help

Moving can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. We hope that our tips above help you with making your long-distance move more efficient. For more help with moving tips or to get a quote for our long distance moving services, you can reach us here at (647)783-8730.