Tips & Tricks for a Long Distance Move

Moving can be something that people dread as it requires a lot of patience, hard work and organization to implement properly. These concerns are usually amplified when people do not have the time to prepare in the right way, causing a number of issues down the road.  

When you are struggling with managing the everyday tasks of a long distance moving project, we here at Augusta Movers can help. With our quality services combined with years of skill and experience, you can trust us to do the job right. If you’re just looking for tips in the meantime, however, we have some advice you can use for a long distance move below. 

Pack Properly 

When your stuff is traveling a longer way than normal, you want to be sure that all of your valuables, fragile or durable, are packed effectively. You can do this by making sure heavy items stay on the bottom and lighter ones sit on the top. There is nothing quite worse than doing the opposite and having your heavy items crush the more fragile ones below.  

If you also happen to pack a box and notice that it has empty spaces, fill them up with linen, towels, or any type of fabric to protect the items within. These work as a good alternative to bubble wrap, making sure that none of your precious items go scrambling around when they are being moved.  

In addition, it is very important to tape your boxes and containers! Trusting the seal on a container or a proper folding job on a cardboard box is not enough in most cases of long distance moving. Instead, tape every box and container down to ensure nothing comes spilling out during the moving process.  

Update Your Utilities 

Dealing with utilities is annoying, but when all is said and done it needs to be completed. It makes it even more difficult when you’re traveling far and are not familiar with the utility companies in the area! Make sure to research ahead of time and ensure that your utilities work in your new place, and your old utilities are shut off. There is nothing quite worse than having to pay for utilities at a home you’re no longer residing in — even worse, entering a new home with no proper internet or hydro.  

Choose The Right Company 

When you are looking for the best company to implement your move, you want to be sure that they specialize in a number of different moving services, and can do so in the most effective way at the most affordable price. If all of these values are important to you and you need to perform a long distance move in Toronto, we here at Augusta Movers can help! If you’d like to find out more about what we do, call our experienced team of movers at 647-783-8730 today! We look forward to hearing from you.