First Time Moving Guide

To some, moving is easy. This is often because in those situations, the people have likely had experience moving multiple times in the past. But what if you don’t have any moving experience at all?   While the initial idea of a move may feel intimidating and complicated, we here at Augusta Movers are here to let you know that it…

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What Not To Pack For a Long Distance Move

Moving from one home to another will always require transporting essential items before anything else. If you’re moving a short distance, however, it becomes much easier to move everything you want. In this situation, essentials and non-essentials are likely to be moved simultaneously.  Unfortunately, the challenges that come with a long distance move changes things up, and non-essential items are…

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Should I Move Out or Stay In During My Home Renovations?

After you move into a new home, most times there are significant renovations to be completed to have the home live up to your standards. Augusta Movers is the Best Moving Company in Toronto and we are here today with a guide that discusses if you should move out during your home’s renovation or you should remain living in your home during the renovation.…

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